Ebbs and Flows

Now that we are finished with the general start-up business tips, I wanted to update you on how Jeanesis is coming along. We have been working hard and we have been growing every week as we tackle assignments and learn more and more about this process and ourselves.


Simply put, the update is complicated. This time last year we were pulling teeth trying to make any progress on our product development because we had a vendor who either would not or could not properly service us. Now, we have the opposite problem. We have an amazing product development partner who is helping us develop our pattern and making samples as we request them.


Nonetheless, nothing is perfect so with every two steps forward we, inevitably, take one step back. For example, I began collecting information for our jeans testers with the goal of having those samples made this May/June but our fabric is back ordered until the middle of June. So now, it looks like it will be another delay or about 6 weeks or so. I truly believe, however, that everything happens for a reason and the delay was meant to be. Now, we have more time to finalize more details and continue tweaking our fit for the test, which will make the prototype even closer to our desired final product. This will give us the opportunity to get better feedback from those involved in our test.


In addition, we have been able to use this time to interview new sewing manufacturers so we can use our test as a “practice run” for them and work out the kinks of our supply chain before we begin full-scale production.


It has been the busiest few months of our Jeanesis lives and it has been a blessing. Yes, the road blocks continue to appear but we continue to move forward, regardless. I suppose that if I had gone through the “traditional” route of working within a denim company before, things may be smoother and faster but that wouldn’t be as much fun. There’s something exciting about being an outsider and giving yourself the task of solving a humongous problem. In addition, I motivate myself to get through the roadblocks by reminding myself of our ultimate goal and mission. That is to use this business, including its capital, supply chain and network as a source of positive change in the world. Once I meditate on that and re-center my focus, I truly feel ready to tackle whatever is in front of me.


At the end of the day, business is really just three simple things: problem solving, decision making and communication. It’s the pursuit of finding perfect equilibrium and harmony in those three simple things that we all strive for and is the ultimate scavenger hunt. More importantly, our motivation for conducting those three tasks will ultimately drive success. Join us as we continue our journey and as we move further along in our product development and let us know how you are doing with pursuing your career dream and/or passion project. We would love to hear.

 Jeans Colors

 Attached is a photo of the potential colors of our final prototypes on our fabric.



“ ‘No one after lighting a lamp covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, so that those who may enter may see the light.’ “ – Luke 8:16


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