The Magic of 40

Oakland Bridge

Earlier this week my wife and I had a fun but tough lesson during our French class. Our teacher had us translate the story of Noah’s Ark from English into French. We, normally, translate everything from French to English when reading so we are fairly good at that. In this instance, however, we had to mimic the same form of translation that our brain conducts when we are trying to speak by translating our words and phrases from English into French. That has been hard for us to say the least.


The interesting part about reading the story of Noah again, however, was the part about how the rain fell for “Forty Days and Forty Nights.” For me, this was especially relevant because I started the day thinking about what I was going to write this 40th blog about.


Noah’s story is interesting and relevant for entrepreneurs because 1) he withstood a lot of hardship in order to start a new life with his family and animals 2) he had to learn how to build a boat while actually building it and 3) he had to walk through this entire journey completely by faith and hope that what he was doing was what was right and what he was called to do. I think that all entrepreneurs and creatives can relate to any one of these feelings and tasks if not all of them at some point in time. In the end, though, the 3rd point is the most important to me. It is the fact that Noah conducted his duties of building the boat and gathering as many animals as he could solely by the sight of faith and his conviction that what he was doing would work to the benefit all of society.


The class was also relevant for myself and Jeanesis because during our translation I, like Noah, had to do the one thing in French that is hardest for me; translate from English to French. My former gym trainer and my favorite Australian used to tell me that it is the things that we hate the most while working out our muscles that we need to do the most. In other words, our muscles that are under-utilized are the ones that are inherently weakest and need the most attention. Despite the fact that this weakness makes it more difficult and more uncomfortable to strengthen those muscles, we need to try our best to put in the time to work on those areas of weakness.


I think that this same concept reigns true for us as entrepreneurs, creative and everyday people. As difficult as it may seem we all need to look at ourselves and our businesses inwardly from time to time and ask what our weaknesses are. Only then can we work to address those weaknesses and try to transform them into strengths, if possible.


I have been reflecting a lot lately on how Jeanesis can move faster and better as we continue preparing for our market test production. As you all know, we have had the usual entrepreneurial setbacks so now we are focused on trying to mitigate those while thinking of ways to improve our current prototypes and launch plans. I encourage you all to look inward this week and think about where you can improve so that you can all be better entrepreneurs and people in the future. If you are like me, however, you will have to walk the fine line between focusing on areas of improvement and being too hard on yourself. So, remember to be kind to yourself and congratulate yourself on the progress you have made while doing this exercise.


As always, have a great rest of your week and I will speak with you all soon.


Napa Vineyard

During my wife’s last semester of graduate school in California, we decided to take a quick weekend trip to the Napa Valley for her Spring Break. It was such a wonderful experience and the topography is beautiful. The area was recently ravaged by wildfires but we are certainly praying for those affected and that the many people and businesses are able to rebuild and continue to make Napa the great area that it is. This is a photo taken from the Quintessa Vineyard in St. Helena, California. This vineyard is a “biodynamic” vineyard which means that they utilize as much of the the natural topography, wildlife and vegetation to make a more sustainable wine.





“By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household.” – Hebrews 11:7


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