I wish that I could say this blog was 100% my idea. In reality, it first came to me from my wife when we were talking a few months ago. I was lamenting to her about how I loved writing my football blog posts but no one read them and they took a lot of work, so my motivation for blogging was quickly fading but I still loved writing. Then, she struck me with a great idea. She said, “everyone wants to know what it’s like to actually start a business, so why don’t you blog about your experience as an entrepreneur?” I was floored because with one question she managed to achieve what all millennials and 30 somehtings are trying to achieve. She introduced an idea that comingled a personal hobby of writing with my professional goals so that I could appease both at the same time. So, after a little coaxing from her as well as a close friend and entrepreneurial confidant (Mr. Brandon Neely), I am off and running. I hope that you can join me on this journey and I hope that you can gain inspiration, comfort and knowledge from my experiences so that you too can take that leap to pursue your dream(s).